Five windswept dancers get down and dirty with nature


This short film is about being in touch with nature, oneself, and sharing connections. “During the last eighteen months we had to learn that the way we live can quickly change,” says Grönemeyer, who directed The First Touch. “For dancers and performers, this pandemic hit especially hard.”

With a poem written by journalist and editor Mimi Langenstein, The First Touch evokes all the carnal, sensual, and spiritual pleasures of reconnecting with the earth and with each other. Mud and grass smear across the dancers’ pastel frocks in a euphoric display of being at one with Mother Earth.

“After months of not being able to dance at all, they came back to their theater only to find out that touching would not be allowed in upcoming performances or rehearsals,” Grönemeyer continues. “We all felt the need to touch, touching anything but ourselves. As a team, we decided to leave our rooms and create a piece about exactly this. What we created is a film about learning to trust again, being together, and simply enjoying what nature has given us.”